The need for a Freelancer

Often when starting out in online markets, starting out as a freelancer is a daunting feat. With such an eclectic range of services and industries within the internet’s treasure trove of markets, starting out as a freelancer is not a one size fits all approach.

However, with careful deliberation, planning, and due diligence, freelancers can dominate a range of online markets and bring both creativity and a breath of fresh air to any project. In this blog, we will briefly discuss the necessity for freelancers within online markets and perhaps motivate you to follow your passions.

Creativity to the Table

When bigger companies host big projects, a lot of the time they gravitate towards outsourcing specific aspects - for example, graphic design or content writing. This allows external freelancers to bring an unparalleled level of creativity and intuition to the table, that will likely secure you more gigs and allow you to develop your skill set.

Adapting your talents and occupation to meet the demands of various tasks, will help establish your reputation as a freelancer and exhibit your creativity on a wider scale.

More Niched Workforce

Many businesses tend to outsource freelancers for their projects so that they can receive a more niched type of work that their own staff may not be able to facilitate. For an e-commerce website, they may choose to outsource SEO experts who are proficient in optimising content and websites to help the business receive as much traffic and engagement as possible.

This will allow freelancers with a host of talents to effectively market their range of abilities to potential outsourcers and enhance the quality of their projects on a far wider scale.

Individuality and Consistency

No two freelancers have the same level of ability or working style, which allows online businesses to maximise their opportunities when it comes to establishing their project crew. By employing freelancers with designated niches within the project, business will be able to secure consistency.

For example, if you are a freelance technical writer, you may be called upon by a business to write detailed product descriptions across their website, with your talents working across the entirety of their product descriptions, they can ensure consistency as the individuality of your work will likely be unmatched.


Many workers with specific talents may feel wary about venturing out solo, however, with more freelancers entering their specific industry market, there is proof of the profitability of this career path. With the flexibility to decide on your own working hours, your routine, your work volume, and your content - it comes as no surprise as to why so many talented entrepreneurs are able to create a sustainable living off of this type of work!

So if freelancing has always appealed to you, whether you work in a niched online market or are part of a larger, more varied market, setting out alone to establish your own reputation and clientele may be what you need.

If this is you, take the plunge.

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