Making Money From Home in a Pandemic

With many people losing their jobs and being furloughed over the past 12 months as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there is a higher demand for physically based jobs around the globe. With an even harder market to breach, attaining an occupation at a physically based establishment is becoming increasingly harder.

However, many people are turning to digital industries and markets in order to sell their niched content through websites optimised for this, or payment companies such as PayPal, which is providing many people who have lost their primary source of income to establish themselves as entrepreneurs and freelancers.

If you are wary about taking the leap of faith and becoming an entrepreneur, let these benefits intrigue you.


During a pandemic, no one ideally wants to venture out of their homes to work in buildings surrounded by potential carriers of the virus - yet entrepreneurship does not require this. When stepping into the online freelance market, you have the flexibility of working from home and deciding your working hours - providing both you and your family with an additional layer of convenience you may not have previously had the luxury of possessing.

This convenience will allow you to earn money and work from home whilst also managing family commitments and will secure you with the comfort of knowing you are at a lower risk of contracting the virus.


When starting to establish yourself as an entrepreneur or a freelance worker - you have the capability to choose what you want to do. Whether your passion lie in writing or graphic design or even influencing, you have the opportunity to profit off your talents and use them to your advantage

This creates a higher likelihood that you will be able to enjoy your occupation due to the vast range of choice, and for those who want to have multiple separate gigs - the opportunities are limitless.


In such tumultuous times, the assurance of a secure and sustainable income is a relief off of anyone’s shoulders - entrepreneurship can supply this. By effectively marketing your abilities using specific sites that cater to entrepreneurs selling their content or even utilising social media as a promotion platform, you are securing yourself with the chance of earning a proportionate amount of money if your marketing is effective.

Even using broad hashtags and offering fantastic promotions, you are in with the chance of drawing in potential customers. As you develop your customer base and your portfolio, you will see a flurry of income coming your way as many customers who leave verified reviews and refer your freelancing to others will help draw in more customers for you.

So, if you’re intrigued about taking the plunge, ensure to weigh up your financial and self fulfillment needs and set out with a strategic plan to solidify your chances of meeting these goals and you will be achieving greatness in no time.

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